5 remarkable musician bobbleheads for music lovers

Are you searching for a fun and unique gift to surprise a music lover or a musician? To many people, music is the language of their soul, heart and their way of life. Whether they are guitarists, singers or drummers, what better way to commemorate their passion and devotion for their musical arts than a customized musician bobblehead that depicts what they love to do. A musician bobblehead is a great and unique gift to make your loved one feel appreciated especially during their anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s,  Christmas and much more. Whoop gifts offer amazing bobblehead designs for music lovers.

Below I have summed up some of the best musician bobbleheads you can find


1- Guitarist bobbles head


Do you know a guitar lover that just enjoys the sound of the guitar and even dreams of being the next Beatles? Are you looking for the perfect and unique gift to surprise them? Well, you can surprise them with a personalized bobblehead with their face on their favorite guitar superstar holding a guitar and sitting next to a loudspeaker box. This is a nice and unique gift as it shows their passion and of course, increase their enthusiasm for playing the guitar. Whoop gifts offer more guitar bobblehead designs you can choose from and surprise a guitar lover today.

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2- Singer bobbles head


Are you on the market searching for the perfect gift for a friend, relative or lover that loves to sing? Are you wondering about what perfect gift will make them feel special? How about a custom singer bobblehead with their face holding a microphone. This is a special gift that will guarantee to cheer them up. It will also show their passion for singing and also make them feel recognized. WhoopGifts has more singer bobblehead designs for singer lovers you can choose from.

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3- DJ bobbles head


DJs spend most of their time pleasing people, either in a festival, club, circuit or even dropping their mixes in internet/radio. So, do you have a friend, lover or relative that is a DJ? If so, are  you just willing to surprise your favorite selector with a gift that will always make them feel special?  How about a customized DJ bobblehead with their face with a DJ equipment. This is a nice gift that will make them feel recognized for their passion for being a DJ.

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4- Pianist bobbles head


Are you searching for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift to surprise your man that wears glasses and happens to be a piano lover? Well, how about a custom piano bobblehead with his face wearing glasses and playing the piano. This is a nice way to show your appreciation for their passion for being a piano lover.

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5- Hip hop rapper bobblehead


Hip hop teaches more about life since it covers emotional vast topics such as love, hardships, and even hate. This is the reason why many people love hip hop. So, if you are searching for the perfect gift to surprise a friend, lover or relative that is a hip rapper, you can give them a personalized hip hop master bobbles head with their face on the body of a fabulous guy. This is a perfect Christmas gift to show their love and passion for hip hop. It will also show how much you care and appreciate their devotion for hip hop.

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To sum up, musician bobbleheads are adorable, perfect and unique gifts you can give a music lover. This will make them feel appreciated and recognized for their passion for music.  Music bobbleheads are possibly the best gift you can ever give to a music lover as they never get old and they can keep them as souvenirs to remember their passion everyday. You can give a music lover a music bobblehead during their birthdays, Christmas and many more occasions. Check out WhoopGifts for more stupendous bobblehead designs related to music and surprise your loved one today.



6 Special Work Bobbleheads for your loved ones


Are you searching for the perfect and unique gift to complement the career choices of your loved one? Then a custom work bobblehead doll will definitely get the job done. A custom work bobblehead doll is a perfect gift as it can be personalized to fit any career. They are adorable gifts to give to your loved one as it demonstrates how they are keen on their work and also reflects how much they enjoy doing their work. Work bobbleheads are truly remarkable and amazing gifts to give to a special person on a special occasion such as their birthdays, anniversary, Christmas,  valentine or any other special occasion.  Whoop gifts offer amazing gifts related to any field of work.

Below I have summed up some of the best work bobblehead you can find;


1- Firefighter bobblehead


Being a firefighter requires strength and dedication and it is a great opportunity to save lives. Firefighters are respected for they are heroes every day. They also have the coolest and unique uniform than any other work fields. So, if you are looking for the perfect gift to give to a firefighter, you can surprise them with a firefighter bobblehead with their face wearing a protection suit. This shows how much you care and admire their heroism to serve the community.

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2- Male pilot bobblehead


Do you know a man that loves the lifelong adventures of becoming a pilot? Are you looking for a perfect gift to appreciate them? Well, you can give them a male pilot bobblehead with their face wearing a pilot uniform. This will make them feel appreciated for choosing the right career which helps them to become better people and develop a sense of accomplishment.

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3- Male doctor bobblehead


Are you searching for a unique gift to surprise a male doctor for the great services they offer? Being a doctor can be challenging but it is a great opportunity to save lives. So, you can honor a medical professional by putting their face on a male doctor bobblehead wearing a white doctor’s overall uniform. This will demonstrate your appreciation for the hard work they do to make a difference in the community.

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4- Sales manager bobblehead


Do you know a sales manager that ensures a higher success rate, customer satisfaction and the accomplishment of your company? If so, they truly deserve to be rewarded. But how do you surprise a sales manager? Well, you can surprise them with a custom sales manager bobblehead with their face holding a strategy book in hand. This will really put their smile on their face every time they enter in their office and sit at their desk because they feel recognized and appreciated.

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5- Male plumber bobblehead


Searching for the perfect gift to honor the handy man around your house? Many people believe that being plumbers is a nice way to save plumbing bills, earn respect, feel free from office work and gain personal benefits. So if you know a male plumber, you can gift them with a male plumber bobblehead with their face wearing an orange uniform holding a close stool and a plunger. This will truly show your appreciation for the work they do.

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6- Chef bobblehead


Are you looking for a delicious way to acknowledge your special person’s love and mastery of cooking? Being a chef is the best way to unleash your creativity, master your own domain, travel the world and on top of all, put a smile on everyone’s face. For this reason, you can appreciate a chef by giving them a cook bobblehead wearing a white Chef uniform. This will really inspire them to love their work even more.

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To sum up, work bobbleheads are impressive and creative gift choices you can give to your loved ones today. They are perfect and amazing gifts for anniversaries, birthdays Christmas and much more. They also inspire your loved ones to enjoy their work more and feel appreciated for their services to the community. Check out whoop gifts for more bobblehead designs related to any work field and surprise your loved one today.



The individuals of UK find the custom bobbleheads at Whoopgift.co.uk

There are the individuals that can fall in a condition where they struggle to find the accurate present for somebody in UK for the specific event. There is none that like to purchase the present for somebody that will not enjoy having it. However, there are many actual presents. The purchasing of a bobblehead in likeness of some comes out as a present as it is certain to be a conversation starter. However, it is to be a gift that can go beyond the amusement and it is bobblehead.

It is really a simple matter to find a place to order for making the custom bobbleheads. There are the some sites that deal with the figures with the likeness of the face of persons that one like to commemorate on the head of doll. And the site is Whoopgift.co.uk. The individuals of UK can find a wide array of bobbleheads at this online store. These are Business bobbleheads, Work bobbleheads, Formal Occasion, Casual bobbleheads, Musicians bobbleheads, Fashion bobbleheads, Funny bobbleheads and Vehicles bobbleheads. Similarly, the individuals can also figure out a wide array of bobbleheads from this online store for the women and girls. These are Sports, Wedding, Groomsmen, Bridesmaid, Couples, Family, Kids, Graduation, Asian Style, Pets or Funny Accessories.


the custom bobbleheads

The custom bobbleheads can also be available for the serious events as well. There are the couples that can miss the distinctive bride and groom topper toward the wedding cakes. It is other than selecting to make the custom bobblehead dolls of each other to place upon their cake. This provides the cake a personal touch that is to be prominent upon the wedding guests. The others provide the bobbleheads to their secretaries for showing gratitude for all of their hard work. These are also used as the gifts for grandparents. The bobbleheads are also available for commemorating a 30th wedding anniversary. The custom bobbleheads also make the interesting graduation presents for daughter or son. There are those that are puzzled to purchase the gifts for their friends, beloved ones, and co-workers. Hence, it is to consider the custom bobblehead doll. They are simple to place the order through the internet as it is relatively reasonably priced. It relies upon the kind of custom bobbleheads that are the distinctive presents.


Custom bobbleheads- accurate ones for any events

Custom bobbleheads are turning out to be more well-liked as the customized presents for the diverse special moments and holidays. One would be thinking that the bobblehead dolls are those ornaments placed upon the car dashboards or distributed at the sporting occasions. The bobbleheads look like celebrities including notable individuals, actors and athletes. Bobbleheads really have a long history and it mirrors its history during the year of 1800s. They used to be initially made from ceramic and the head of doll was linked with the body by a spring. As one touches the head of doll lightly, it nods up and down or in the other words these can bobble. That is why they are known as the bobbleheads.

Now, one can personalize a doll to resemble your sister, aunt, brother, uncle cousin, friend or other relative. The professional designers crafted them elegantly that are to work for the one to make certain that the dolls are exact. When the order is placed, the photograph is to be attached with the order. The sculpture makes the doll based on the given photograph. Because of the enhancing popularity, the plastic started using as the materials to make the dolls. This material is much simpler to mold the doll to mirror the faces, postures and the cloths of the individual.

These custom bobbleheads can vary in size. The most usual sizes are from five and half to six and half inches tall. One must keep in mind that they would vary in size even if one places the order of multiple dollars as one is handcrafted. If one likes to buy one or more of these dolls, there is the online company, Whoopgift.co.uk that can finish the order. At this online bobblehead seller, the price of each bobblehead is ranging from $ 89 to $109 and it includes the standard delivery. There are few more intricate dolls including pet, motorcycle, car, and custom-body doll. These are more expensive. There are the tiny extra fees of $3 and $7 for add-on items including hats, glasses and tattoos. These custom bobbleheads can be provided as the presents for a variety of holidays and special events. The most usual has been for weddings. The individuals often like to figure out that the special present to provide to a bride and groom. It can also be applied as groomsman bobbleheads. Amazingly, these are the most usual dolls in times these days. The online company like Whoopgift.com.uk can offer a discount upon these dolls. One can ask for it.


The bobbleheads can also be applied for the weddings. These bobbleheads can also be applied for wedding cake toppers. These modern customized bobblehead dolls definitely look better other than applying those conventional ones. The bride and groom like a cake topper to be that center of attention for her friends and family while talking about. It can be a romantic present for the day of Valentine or anniversaries. The partner of someone is to definitely love one of these. These bobbleheads are distinctive. They are also amusing to play and look at. They can also be provided as a Christmas or birthday present for the individuals that have everything or one does not know well. Custom bobbleheads can also work as the conversation starters if one does have on upon his or her desk in the working zone or in the car. They make distinctive customized presents.


The Exciting World of Bobble Heads

The bobbleheads appear as a collectible doll during the year of 1842. This collectible doll has detained the minds of countless numbers of individuals around the planet. Hence, there made of millions happy people in the diverse celebrative events. The bobbleheads can be identified at the first look by the oversized heads linked to the body of the doll via a spring. The attachment of spring makes the doll look lively making the head bobble. At the primary stages, the bobbleheads were prepared of special material known as papier-mâché. Papier-mâché can hardly mirror the originality in the bobbleheads and ceramic in which the later applied to produce them. These days, there are the special materials where the bobbleheads are prepared. These materials make it possible to make super real bobbleheads.


the chirstmas gifts- the bobbleheads

When the Christmas just around the corner, it is high time to search the distinctive notions for this season. While coming to distinctive presents, the bobbleheads are the ones to search. The custom bobbleheads make the accurarate selections for the individuals while searching the unique presents. If one does have the photograph of the individual for which one is purchasing the present, one can surprise them with the assistance of the bobbleheads. The developments in bobblehead producing technology has made it possible to make a great deal of life-typed bobbleheads from the given photogrpahs. This is to certainly surprise the one receiving the presents as they observe their exacting face in the kind of a doll. The purchasing and presenting such super actual bobbleheads seem the actual amusing that one can have in the Christmas season.


the great presenting notions with the assistance of custom bobbleheads

As there is the introduction of personalized bobbleheads, the planning of distinctive presenting notions is not a big deal nowadays. It can be any event as one can make the great personalized presents with the assistance of personalized bobbleheads. It is not like the olden days when the bobbleheads were applied only for the events including the wedding cake topper, these days. They have the presenting items for almost any celebrative event. It seems that without the world of bobbleheads, making the distinctive presents might have been an uphill task to achieve. It thanks to the wise thinking of one person almost some century back. Moreover, the developments in the technology of producing of bobbleheads take place.


the personalized bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are distinguishing and unmatched in their apt status as the best present or souvenir one can purchase. It is perfect for a multitude of occasions or events. The bobbleheads can be for anniversaries, retirements, graduations, weddings or Mitzvahs. The people of UK cannot go wrong with a bobblehead doll from the prestigious bobblehead doll seller, Whoopgift.co.uk. A bobblehead can symbolize the love and affection; one can keep for someone that is dear to the provider of bobblehead. It confines them in a moment. There is an eternal reminder of a state or sensation that they are to keep forever.



This online bobblehead producer presents the best quality likeness. It offers one hundred percent hand-made custom bobbleheads based on the likeness. The client does not require choosing his or her kind of body, it is entirely customized bobblehead dolls and distinctive for his own. The only restriction is the imagination. It is to make custom bobbleheads for any events. The consumers of UK can send the photo to this website and get the stunning custom-made bobbleheads.

At Whoopgift.co.uk, the dozens of university-trained sculptors are being trained to be able to sculpt the practical heads. Moreover, there are only few that can negotiate with the exacting needs. Hence, these sculptors are to be trained. The sculptors of this online bobblehead production line make hundreds of thousands of individual bobbleheads each year. Hence, they have the experience as well as talent along with training. They get accustomed to make the bobbleheads looking like the sent photographs.

The consumers need to consider some things that one requires bearing in mind. One of them is the quality of the photographs that the client uploads. The ultimate product is highly reliant upon the resolution of the images. It means that the quality photographs need to be uploaded. Bobblehead dolls are very well-liked since they are known for huge things. Initially, they are known as the toys. The kids and adults prefer to tap upon their heads and the easy bobbling motion can turn them into the craziness.


bobbleheads as the attractive items

Bobbleheads are very well-liked as the decorative pieces. There are the bobbleheads upon the top of dashboards of cars. These small toys are also known as collectibles due to this factor, there are many bobbleheads that sculpted the famous athletes, actors and others. The bobbleheads are very attractive and well-liked as a marketing technique. Great deals of individuals and businesses apply them to promote the services or goods that are offered by them. The individuals need to know why the bobbleheads become the important ones as a promotional item. The easy explanation behind this issue is that the bobbleheads can be customized simply and easily.


Custom bobbleheads at Whoopgift.co.uk

Whoopgift.Co.Uk does have a vast experience in making custom bobbleheads for any figures including the renowned actors, actresses, celebrities, TV presenters, musicians and internet celebrities. This online bobblehead producer offers the customer service that is personable and polite. If the clients do have any queries or questions about the bobblehead, they can feel free to communicate with the customer service agents of this online bobblehead producer.


placing bulk orders for bobbleheads

Whoopgift.Co.Uk does have the ability to negotiate with the bulk orders from the individuals or companies. The large orders of presents for groomsmen can also be taken at this online store. The individuals of UK have supplied hundreds of thousands of bobbleheads dolls in the diverse categories.


entirely customizable

The customization options are wide. This online bobblehead company is able to adapt any and each part of the bobblehead doll. The alteration of the colors and cloths are also taken place here. Take a visit at Whoopgift.co.uk and pick up your best handcrafted bobbleheads from the diverse categories. These are Business bobbleheads, Work bobbleheads, Formal Occasion, Casual bobbleheads, Musicians bobbleheads, Fashion bobbleheads, Funny bobbleheads and Vehicles bobbleheads. The others are Sports, Wedding, Groomsmen, Bridesmaid, Couples, Family, Kids, Graduation, Asian Style, and Pets.

Whoopgift.co.uk offers a wide array of bobbleheads

When you go for the Co-worker bobbleheads, it can be a distinctive presenting notion. As you are in a job, the most segment of day is spent in the office or the other places of work. It means that it is the colleague with whom you pass the most of the time and it is to share your opinions, views and even secrets. The significance of colleagues in the lives of working individual can never be undervalued. Hence, it will not be a bad notion to make the presents to the colleagues upon the special events.

When someone starts searching the ideal presents for the co-worker, it is to spare time to search the personalized bobbleheads. These are one of the most well-liked presents perhaps that one can consider. Possibly, the size postpones most of the individuals; however, these beautiful little toy-things have everything that co-worker might totally esteem. Initially, the bobblehead comes out as a tiny present that it indicates that is accurate for even those co-workers. Perhaps, these people are choosy about gaining large presents from their co-workers. In the second consideration, most of the bobbleheads are reasonably priced to make it lighter upon the pocket of anybody.


Bobbleheads for the various occasions

The event would be any. It includes the birth anniversary, wedding, promotion, engagement or superannuation. The personalized bobbleheads are presenting notions of all-events. They will not make the individual fail on any event. Even if there is an event for which a bobblehead become hard to fit in, one can often present the general bobblehead. While considering a gift for a lady, bobblehead executive cardholder can be one. When there is the friendly relation with the co-workers, the present can be Bobblehead Man in Toilet. The other present can be bobblehead Man in Blue Suit for a co-worker having a raise. The presents like bobbleheads are to keep the healthy relations often between the individual and the colleagues.


the demarcation between Polymer Clay and Polyresin as the Custom Bobbleheads

In the recent trend, the individuals can find two kinds of materials to make the custom bobbleheads. One of them is Polyresin and Polymer Clay. Now, it is to have a look at the two kinds of materials that are being applied in the production of bobbleheads.


the application of Polyresin bobblehead

Polyresin is well-liked in producing at a factory. It is a good selection as long as there is a wider production running one hundred pieces or more. When there is the production of Polyresin, the factory highly sculpts the mold. Then, the compound resin is to duplicate the thousands of product. Lastly, the paint is applied. The strength of Polyresin is desirable.


While applying this resin in the production of these products, the concluding outcome becomes durable. Most of the mass produced custom bobbleheads observed upon the market or as the giveaways at baseball stadiums are prepared with Polyresin material.


the consideration of Polymer Clay in producing bobblehead

Polymer Clay comes out as a material that could be applied to make the single pieces that the individual hoped for. Polymer Clay comes out as a sculptable material depended upon the Polymer Polyvinyl Chloride, PVC. It does not normally contain clay minerals and it is known as Clay since its texture along with working properties can portray the mineral clay. Poly Resin is sold in hobby, art stores or craft store. Polymer Clay comes out as a highly sculptable, workable; however, it is less costly. When the bobblehead is produced with Polymer Clay, the ultimate product is one hundred percent handcrafted.


Since Polymer Clay sculpts the finished product, its color is the color of the clay that makes the ultimate product brighter, real 3D likeness along with higher quality. Conversely, if a bobblehead is made with Polyresin Clay, it is to bake and mold the dolls. Moreover, the paint is applied and the doll is yours.


considering the custom bobbleheads

Bobbleheads make the innovative presenting notions while considering that they bring the individuals, companies, animals and event occasions. The innovativeness has gone higher and now the consumer is to figure out all kinds of bobbleheads including family, groomsmen, bridesmaids, couple bobbleheads, costume, and sports bobbleheads. The consumer can have then custom made for the individual to make the memorable presents for your loved ones. Conversely, it is just like purchasing anything else, the consumer requires dealing with homework. Hence, in the conclusion, the gamer can have the best with the bobblehead.


selecting the right kind of body

The consumers can find the diverse options for body while considering the custom bobbleheads. The consumer is to have the opportunity of selecting the average body or entirely custom body. The entirely custom provides the client the option to sketch between the head and toes whereas the average body appears with specific models including nurses, businessman, males or females. The client does have the hundreds of options; therefore, it is to select the body to be suitable for the individual for which the client places the order of bobblehead.


planning upon the base

The bobbleheads appear with the average base; however, the client can select to have it upon a bigger base or a custom base including bike, animal or car. The client is to have to pay more for the fundamental base. However, it provides the client the option to make the present as distinctive and innovative so far it is possible. The printing of words can also be integrated upon the foundation including a quote or a name relying upon the preferences of client.


considering the accessories or props

They are the extra traits that are to make the bobblehead prominent. One can select to have glasses, hats, necklaces, tattoos upon the bobblehead. The logos can also be done upon the shirts or hat in a charge of tiny fee. It is to select the best accessories to determine that the client can afford the price of appended accessories of custom bobblehead.


checking the accurate materials

The custom bobbleheads in the best quality are prepared with the Polyresin material. The material is highly personalized while making it possible to have a finished product with higher details in the aspects of design. Conversely, there are some companies that go for Polymer Clay as it introduces a shorter processing time. Clay becomes cheaper; however, they are highly fragile. Moreover, the client requires making the right decision of material while personalizing the bobblehead of client.


checking the options for alterations

Sometimes, the client would have a bobblehead that is not what the client preferred. It would not require making the alterations to some segments. The proofing charges are sometimes integrated in the price. However, some companies charge it independently. It makes find beforehand whether one is to attract any charges if the client denies or requests for the alterations to the design of custom.


considering the number of bobbleheads

If the client is getting the bobblehead for an occasion, the client needs more in comparable to one. The additional copies however attract the extra charges. Some companies are to provide the discounts upon the additional bobbleheads; however, the other companies are to charge full price for the extra head. It seems something that the client cannot afford to overlook. Custom bobbleheads present the stunning presents especially while concentrating upon the details to make them distinctive and special to the individual the bobblehead is getting. Now, the clients can select the personalized bobbleheads at Whoopgift.co.uk for the people of United Kingdom.


Wedding bobblehead as the wedding presents

Visiting Whoopgift.co.uk makes the clients find the Wedding bobbleheads in the most affordable cost. Wedding bobbleheads are distinctive, customized presents that have been achieving popularity. While considering the individuals, getting married and their day of wedding turn out to be the most vital event of their life. The client definitely likes the day to run without any troubles. It would take a year or so in preparing for the magical moment. Conversely, it would only take some minutes to place the order of Wedding Bobbleheads for that customized present to the bride and groom. It also includes the bridal party or groomsmen. The future bride and groom usually like their friends and family to recall this special day. These attractive bobbleheads are accurate to be suitable for any wedding ceremony. Astonishingly, the custom bobbleheads groomsmen are really the most usual dolls being provided today for the people of UK from Whoopgift.co.uk.


Bobbleheads found at the dashboards of car

As it is narrated, some bobblehead companies are to introduce the special discounts when the client places an order of multiple dolls. It could be one for each bridesmaid or groomsmen. Everyone might like these dolls. These bobbleheads are alike to those dolls found upon the dashboards of some cars. Moreover, they are available at some specific sporting occasions. These bobbleheads are to be prepared to depict anyone as each bobblehead at Whoopgift.co.uk is handcrafted. The clients just require providing the maker two photographs of the individuals. It is a tiny doll or figurine that is heavier at the foundation. The head is then linked with the body with springs. When one touches the head lightly, it begins to shake or bob. That is why these dolls are known as the bobbleheads.

Because of higher demand, the most wedding bobbleheads are prepared with Plastic. This one comes out as a cheaper substance; however, it is also very enduring. The sizes can be varied; however, most are from five and half to six to half inches tall. Conversely, each one is prepared by the hand. Hence, the sizes would vary if there is the order of multiple pieces. At Whoopgift.co.uk, for the people of UK, the material like Polymer Clay is used to build a single or multiple bobbleheads. The clients can purchase the bobbleheads in readymade or they can place the order of customized bobbleheads at this online store.

The single bobblehead dolls begin at the rate of $79 and usually the price starts from $89 to $109. The standard delivery is included within this price. There is few more intricate dolls including the pet, motorcycle, car, custom-body doll and these are costlier. There is a small extra fee between $3 and $7 for the add-on items including hats, glasses or tattoos.

Wedding bobbleheads are to be applied in the diverse ways. These sorts of bobbleheads are applied exclusively for wedding cake toppers. To be diverse, one can replace the conventional toppers that look generic. These modern toppers are the accurate selections for any wedding cake. There is another way to provide them to the bride and groom separately.


availing best quality likeness at Whoopgift.co.uk

The client can find one hundred percent hand-made custom bobbleheads based on his or her likeness here at this UK online store. The client does not require choosing his body kind, it is entirely customized bobblehead dolls and distinctive for his own. The only restriction is the imagination of client. It is to make custom bobbleheads for a present for any event.

These can be birthday, Christmas, anniversary, wedding or oneself. It is to send the photo and have outstanding custom-made bobbleheads. The sculptors of university trained are to be judged here at Whoopgift.co.uk to figure out the most talented ones to sculpt the practical heads. The only some can negotiate with the real needs. Therefore, they are to be trained for some months. The sculptors of Whoopgift.co.uk make thousands of bobbleheads each year. Hence, these sculptors do gain the experience, talent and training. The bobbleheads will be built based on the given pictures.

The customer service team at Whoopgift.Co.UK is friendly enough to go beyond the mile to negotiate the needs of consumers. It is making certain that the consumer is held current upon the development of the doll while each detail is captured. At this online store, the client can find the dolls from 8.5 to 9 inches tall. The size of dolls is available from seven to six inches as well.

Finding your best personalized bobbleheads at Whoopgift.co.uk

Bobbleheads at Whoopgift.co.uk

Whoopgift.co.uk offers one hundred percent handmade affordable custom bobbleheads based on the likeness of consumers. Here, at Whoopgift.co.uk, the consumers can place the order without choosing the kind of body. It is entirely personalized bobblehead dolls and distinctive for one that places the order. The only restriction is the imagination of consumer. The consumer can make their personalized bobbleheads for any presents including Christmas, anniversary, wedding or birthday. The consumers just require sending their photographs to seize the outstanding personalized bobbleheads.


keeping a high standard

Whoopgift.Co.UK usually keeps them towards a higher standard. The judgment of the bobbleheads depends upon the smiling of consumers along with smiling upon the cute little faces. However, there is a great big smiling upon the faces of customer when the customer opens the box while disclosing the own personal masterpiece. The bobbleheads at Whoopgift.co.uk appear as a big deal. Other than common political or sports figure, the bobbleheads at Whoopgift.co.uk also offers the special bobbleheads. Moreover, they are one of the kinds. They are like us simply. The consumers can keep their memories in their bobbleheads for a longer period as the life is made of diverse moments, achievements and milestones. These passed through the path.


taking pride

Whoopgift.co.uk takes the pride in assisting her consumers to rejoice each of these items in their lives along with the mementoes to be cherished with a smile for a lifetime. The consumer can opt for celebrating a special time in his life, in the life of a pal or beloved one. Whoofgift.co.uk is to be admired to be a segment in assisting the consumer to make the accurate treasure for the memory box of consumer.


the best quality image according to the given photograph

The consumers can find one hundred percent hand-made custom bobbleheads based on the image of consumers. The consumers need to send their quality photographs and have the outstanding bobbleheads. This online bobblehead producer usually takes a judgment test upon the talented sculptors from University to figure out those that are able to sculpt the practical heads. Hence, there are only that can meet the actual needs of this manufacturer. Then, this bobblehead producer trains these sculptors for some months. The sculptors of Whoopgift.co.uk make usually thousands of individual bobbleheads in a year. Thus, these sculptors can have the experience, talent and training. These sculptors know how to make the bobbleheads that look like the photographs the consumer send. The dolls of Whoopgift.co.uk are not comparable to the other manufacturers or competitors these days.


considering the most detailed painting

The consumers can find some of the most talented painters at this prestigious online bobblehead producer to detain the elaborated details of logos, sports uniforms and logos. The consumers are to be astonished at how much detail these sculptors can portray upon something so small.


offering excellent customer service

Whoopgift.co.uk is evenly proud of her customer service team. They can move beyond the additional mile to negotiate all the requirements of consumer. It is making certain that the consumer is held current on the development of doll and the each detail is detained. These customer service teams online are prepared to brainstorm with the client to design the bobblehead as well.


bigger is considered superior

Whoopgift offers bigger dolls in comparable to the other producers at both offline and online. The size of bobblehead dolls here is between 8.5 and 9 inches tall. They are also seven to six inches in size. The bigger doll makes detain more details and make more a practical face. These bigger dolls just look cooler.


the fastest rotation and prompted-delivery

This online bobblehead producer is already known that the bobbleheads are frequently special basic for the vital occasions. Everything is done in its power and delivery them to the consumers upon time.


making the original as the best one

Whoopgift turned out to be the first big bobblehead company to make the individual dolls. This online bobblehead producer has been producing these dolls over the years. More than ninety-five percent of the consumers might recall this site to his friend as it comes out as a testimonial.


without nickel and diming as each one is integrated

The pricing of the dolls of this online producer integrates all the details including logos, writing upon the foundation of the doll, tattoos and jewelry. However, the other companies can introduce a foundation based cost. On one occasion, the consumer can append everything. The consumer can still figure out the doll to be equal or inexpensive in comparable to the competitor.


considering the materials

Most of the producers of bobbleheads apply the Poly Resin Clay. Then they go for baking and molding the dolls. The paint is applied and therefore, the dolls become the belongings of the consumers. At Whoopgift.co.uk, the material like Polymer Clay is applied. The color of Clay makes the doll become brighter. It comes out like a real 3D image along with higher quality.


ordering the next steps

The placing of your order for your best handcrafted personalized bobbleheads is easy and simple. The consumers need to follow some basic steps. It is to choose the kind of body from the extensive gallery. The consumers need to choose the options including eyes, hair, complexion or the other opportunities being available upon the order form. Then, the users need to load the photographs on the website of Whoopgift.co.uk. When the consumer prefers having an entire personalized bobblehead doll made of the imagination of body, head and pose; thus, the consumer requires loading the accurate photograph.

skin eyes color cardhair color card

the proofing of approval

This online bobblehead producer is to send a link to the consumer thorough the email approximately within nine days from the date of placing the order. It is to preview the proof upon the interactive online panel. At this online store for bobblehead, the consumer can also start communicating with the sculptors directly by placing the feedback or alterations that they prefer. On one occasion, the consumer approves the proof, the sculptors are to provide the final touches to the personalized bobblehead. Moreover, it is to be shipped to the customer according to the shipping instructions of customer.


easier to deal with

The consumers can make their bobbleheads as per their imagination. It is to just give the detailed comments along with photographs. The sculptors then can sculpt anything so far the customers can imagine. The past sample bodies are also be counted. The clothing colors can be altered. The additional items including hats and sunglasses are to be removed.


delivery time of bobbleheads at Whoopgift.co.uk

The consumers do have the shipping opportunity upon the ordering page to choose the time frame to gain the bobblehead dolls. If the consumers do not receive the bobbleheads in time, this online bobblehead company can build and delivery the products within a five-day frame. All the bobbleheads are to be shipped through FedEx. The consumers can have the doll within two to four days just after the shipment. The photos are to be sent to the consumer while the production process is going on for approval. If any delay happens to receive the approval of the proof or alterations to the requested proof. The extra time can be required to finish the task.


the price of bobblehead at Whoopgift.co.uk

The single bobblehead dolls begin at the cost of $79 and it is also available from $89 to $109. The price includes the standard delivery. The consumers can also find more intricate dolls including pet, motorcycle, car, custom-body doll and these are costly. There are only tiny extra fees for add-on items including hats, glasses and tattoos. The price is to be $3 to $7.


the cost of particular add-ons

The cost of any tiny add-ons is free and when the add-ons are not listed upon the website, they are to be free of cost. The consumers need to write particularly upon the comment. The consumers can have a discount on shipping when they go for buying the multiple bobbleheads. The consumers can have the discounts based on the quantity. The consumers need to send a quote and it is to make the bobblehead producer become known about the required copies. The level of discount is to enhance with the ordering quantity.


the quality of photographs to be sent

Broadly speaking, this online bobblehead producer requires two quality and distinctive photographs of the individual required to be sculpted upon the bobblehead. The photographs are to be one front-view and one side-view. The output of the bobblehead relies upon the quality of photograph. Hence, it is always advised that the photograph must have a smiling face or with some distinctive facial expressions.

This online bobblehead producer accepts all kinds of photographic formats; however, .JPG and .GIF files are to be chosen. Conversely, if the consumer likes to have a head-to-toe full customized design, this online bobblehead producer is to require having a body shot, body position or pose photograph.


the bobbleheads to be shipped

The bobbleheads are to be shipped from Whoopgift.co.uk all through the world. There are two-hundred and ten worldwide destinations.


to be notified during the time of shipment

As the order has been shipped, this online bobblehead company is to send the consumer an email containing the shipping notice. There is a tracking number in the email.


stages of proofs when the consumers are not certain about the bobbleheads

The consideration of sculpted head means that this online bobblehead producer is to sculpt the doll manually to bear a resemblance to the initial photograph being attached with the order. At this time, the consumer is to be able to make any alterations to the facial possessions, nose or mouth. These do not include the hair color or skin. The alterations are finished without any cost if it deems necessary. On one occasion, the consumer approves the item and the bobblehead producer is to continue moving toward the next phase. On one occasion, it is approved; the head is to be baked. Moreover, there are no further alterations to the face to be prepared.


the entire proof

It is to finish the proof. During this stage, this online bobblehead producer is to display the consumer the finished products. During this phase and based on all the past feedback, most of the consumers are happy. They are to approve their doll to have it shipped. During this stage, the logos can only be altered as the doll is entirely baked and cannot be altered. The body is to be re-sculpted if the consumer likes to make any other alterations at this stage. It is to be charged at $25 to sculpt a head or body again. This online bobblehead producer is always pleased to discuss any questions that the consumers can have with any aspect of the service of this online store. When there is any question about any aspect of the doll, the consumer needs to send the email to sale department of Whoopgift.co.uk.


the approval and resemblance of the troubles of bobblehead

The satisfaction is one hundred percent guaranteed. The proofs are to be emailed to the consumer for approving in each step. The consumers can provide their opinion while reviewing the proofs. The sculptors are to take his comment seriously and these are to make the alteration the way the consumer asked. By dealing this, the consumer can determine the likeness of the bobblehead that he or she is receiving.


considering the bobblehead

A bobblehead is also called as a nodder or wobbler. A bobblehead comes out as a kind of collectible toy. The head of bobblehead is frequently oversized while comparing to its body. Other than its solid linkage, its head is linked with the body by a hook or spring. Through this way, a light tap is to cause the head to bobble. Hence, the name bobblehead becomes available.


Visiting Whoopgift.co.uk makes the consumers find a wide array of handcrafted bobbleheads with quality. The price is affordable here as well. The bobblehead is Head-To-Toe Custom being available at this online store as well. The bobbleheads for gents are Business bobbleheads, Work bobbleheads, Formal Occasion, Casual bobbleheads, Musicians bobbleheads, Fashion bobbleheads, Funny bobbleheads, and Vehicles bobbleheads. Similarly, the bobbleheads are available for ladies are Sports, Wedding, Groomsmen, Bridesmaid, Couples, Family, Kids, Graduation, Asian Style, Pets and Funny Accessories. One can also place the order of any customized bobbleheads based on the given photographs.

The personalized bobblehead as the special presenting idea for Christmas Special festival

Usually, in the conventional feeling, the presents that bear the personal details including full name, first name, surname, initials or monogram upon them are called as the personalized presents. The modern technology has given an option to apply this personalization to an infinitive number of items that follow the new trendy ways or sometime bring the vintage flavor.


In the contemporary time, many distinct and attractive ways are brought and executed in the world market for the customized presents while using the photos, logos, unique design and even hand along with foot prints. There is the diversity of fashions, colors and techniques and these are applied to house the personal preferences to serve the purpose of customized presents. The most usual strategy applied for the customization of the presents including engraving, screen printing, embroidery, etching and embossing. The bobbleheads uk presents are the gifting trend of the market. However, they have been with us for a long time. The providing of these presents has been a particular segment of the convention ever since the human beings first began to live together within the society. The introduction and gaining the presents have been in practice in all familiar cultures and human settlements and it is something being almost basically deep-rooted among us.


The personalized bobbleheads are made manually to bear a resemblance to their owners. These dolls are most unlikely the present in this modern society in which we are living. They are becoming more popular day by day. It seems something that unlikely occurs and it is still going on. The entry of bobbleheads into the well liked culture occurred while the 1960s is going on. When there are the sports leagues in the United States, particularly it is around baseball and American football. The fashion and material of these bobbleheads was vitally different from the ones as these are to refer to in a moment. In the past, they had cherub like faces, simple blocks for a body. They used to make of paper mache. The custom bobbleheads uk are made of Polymer Clay while they are generated 3D models depending upon the images provided by the individuals buying them. To derive the custom bobbleheads uk, the individuals need to send one full front and one side photo for each individual that you like the bobbleheads to be.

polyer clay

There are to be many themes being accessible and can be selected on the foundation whether the person is a man or a woman. The personalized bobbleheads can be the great mementos for the beloved ones. The making of bobbleheads is arriving back. Prior to, they are broadly available in the sport arenas and ballparks as the replicas of big sporting stars and even politicians. Today, they are not just made for the renowned names. They are also prepared for anybody likes one. The bobbleheads make the stunning presenting notions while the birthdays are going on. They are outstanding as the party giveaways. Your custom bobbleheads uk are applied in the different ways. Visiting Whoopgift.co.uk helps you find a wide array of decent bobbleheads based on the likeness.



The bobbleheads uk appear as the amusing birthday presents

Without distinct presents, Birthdays are incomplete. To choose a distinct birthday present for any individual in any age group is a hard task. Some individuals do have a sense of humor. Due to this fact, the consideration of amusing birthday presents come into our purview. Perhaps, you are in doubt and you have had all possible birthday presents that one could probably consider another new notion. The new notion can make you move toward bobbleheads uk.

It is a matter of fact that you will laugh and enjoy seeing the funny bobbleheads as the birthday gifts. Custom bobblehead dolls are exclusively customized hand made dolls that are sculpted based on the likeness. These dolls are to be crafted to negotiate the particular needs. Usually, custom bobblehead dolls are usually prepared with Poly Resin today that can be moulded as needed. In the early sixties and seventies, custom bobbleheads uk, on one occasion were the mementos. Now, they come back.  There are many producers that make these tailor made dolls for the diverse events. The consumers need to send the personal photograph. Moreover, the consumers can have the dolls with the expression in it. It has turned out to be well liked today that there are many collectors of these sorts of dolls. The custom bobbleheads uk are applied as giveaways or presents for the diverse events.

They bring an accurate present for all causes and events that are to last for a life time.  This is also known as one of the ten invincible presents around the world. These custom bobblehead dolls are not to be replicas of yours; however, a bobblehead doll is to be the 3D caricature. It is very easy to place an order to have these personalized bobbleheads. All you require sending or uploading the normal clear photograph of your or the other persons at the website of the producer to have these hand sculpted dolls. Many online companies offer the competitive prices.  The entire process of designing along with hand crafting is to take three to four weeks from the date of placing an order. This also does have the diverse price tags depended upon the size and designs. The users can have custom bobbleheads uk at Whoopgift.co.uk. This custom bobblehead dolls can be distributed around the world.  The custom bobblehead dolls can also be applied as the cake toppers for the diverse events including wedding, anniversaries, birthdays and so forth.


These personalized bobbleheads are to be a distinct and exclusive present that can be provided to the loved ones on the different events. Today, it has turned out to be a corporate present provided to the employees and the retired ones as this is to last forever. This sort of present is to be memorable. In corporate house, they can apply these personalized bobblehead dolls to upgrade and market their goods. The consumers can also personalize the amusing or catchy messages upon the dolls. Appending these messages are to make the custom bobblehead dolls appear the distinct ones and very personal. Bobbleheads can act also the presents of Christmas.

Custom bobble head doll gifts will look very outstanding than others. The consumers can find a wide array of custom bobbleheads uk. The bobbleheads including

  • Business bobbleheads
  • Work bobbleheads
  • Formal Occasion
  • Casual bobbleheads
  • Musicians bobbleheads
  • Fashion bobbleheads
  • Funny bobbleheads, or
  • Vehicles bobbleheads.





The newest presenting idea for Christmas- custom bobbleheads uk

Every year, Christmas introduces the contentment, cheerfulness, happiness and entertainments. It also introduces the stress. Based on the well liked surveys, the shopping of Christmas comes out as one of the most stressful times of the year for many individuals all through the globe. Frequently, the individuals can come to an end without any specific idea to purchase for their near and dear ones. This time, there is an introduction of a great notion striking online. It is the custom bobbleheads uk. The price of this bobblehead doll is between eighty and two hundred dollars. These can be suitable based on the budget of the consumers. The personalized bobbleheads can lend a beautiful personal touch as the individuals place the family photographs, photographs of get togethers, prom pictures and others. Hence, the receiver can recall the provider and the event for a long time.

This newest Christmas presenting notion is the catching like Wildfire. All the clients require choosing the images and messages that the client likes to be printed on these bobblehead dolls. It is placing the order online. It is the fact that it is custom-made and it looks the individual for which the bobblehead is made. It is to be the bobblehead for which the Christmas present is going to gift for. Perhaps, the bobblehead dolls can be nurse or doctor. Your personalized bobbleheads can be the piano players.


Placing the innovative Christmas presents is beautiful as well. You need to consider the figure you like. Whether you are attempting to depict the golfer in them or more, just select which one. Usually, the clients require sending two good quality and clear photographs of the individuals. As sculpting is to be taken place based on the given photographs, the photographs include one front view and one side view.  The outcome of the bobbleheads relies upon the quality of the photograph. Hence, there is the recommendation that the photograph must have a smiling face or with some distinct facial expression. The clients are requested not to send the wedding photos or artistic photos that apply softer lenses. However, it can lack the facial details. Whoopgift.co.uk can accept all the formats of pictures including .JPG and .GIF files. Conversely, if you like to have a head to toe entire customized design, the client needs to send a body shot, body position or pose photo.

The toys along with the action based figures have often been well liked with the children and adults. There has often been a massive demand to make personalized toys and figures as the Christmas presents while resembling the individuals. When there is the Christmas, some firms also offer the imitable figures of individual in toys. Bobblehead dolls can be the good selection for collectible and excellent Christmas presents. They are usually placed on the dash boards of cars, vehicles and the table top collections.  Bobbleheads have been applied for great deals of years as personalized Christmas presents, merchandises and souvenirs. The custom bobbleheads uk are an excellent notion to seize the amusements while the Christmas is going on. Buy personalized bobbleheads from Whoopgift.co.uk.




Appending enjoyment and thrilling in the occasion with custom bobbleheads uk

The custom wobblers are achieving massive popularity as the customized presents for the different occasions and special moments. This nice and attractive caricature can play a significant role in appending additional trait and thrilling. However, these personalized bobbleheads can catch the concentration of the guests. Moreover, these dolls can only be applied as distinct and attractive presenting items lasting for the ages. Visiting at Whoopgift.co.uk makes the consumers find custom bobbleheads uk in the most affordable cost.

Whoopgift.co.uk comes out as the personalized leading manufacturing company and they offer the wobblers accurately according to the demand of the consumers. This company does have a massive collection of distinctive, creative and attractive wobblers. Hence, each client is to have their products as per their personal likeness and specification. Based on the choice, they are also pleased to make the design of bespoken bobblehead. They apply high end materials, creative software and 3D computer technology to distribute with exceptional product and pleasing services. The clients can also avail custom bobbleheads uk in the most affordable cost. They are also offering one stop place for sketching custom and creative wedding cake toppers.


The choice of wedding cake topper is to be second to none. The clients can search military, couple, marine, businessman or amusing wedding cake toppers. This online bobblehead can design any kind of cake topper at very competitive prices. The step- by- step ordering process makes the consumers become able to place the orders of the selections in a fraction of time. It is to just choose the kind of body. The users can upload the image with side and straight view and it is to make the payment online. The online bobblehead manufacturer is committed to safely deliver the merchandize at the door of the client in the fastest ways so far it is possible. The clients can place the order of bobbleheads uk at Whoopgift.co.uk.

Bobbleheads can also be applied as distinctive and marvelous custom groomsmen presents. If he client likes to design tailored Groomsmen bobblehead, you are to be at the right place. They have a massive choice of distinct and thrilling groomsmen wobblers to select from. The cost is feasible and competitive in comparable to the other service providers. Today, the individuals are conducting the diverse kinds of studies on the wedding presents to make them more special. Based on the existing needs, the most of the individuals are making some personalized bobbleheads for preparing the Wedding presents as distinctive and fashionable. This sort of customized wedding present can be applied for the diverse wedding purposes including guests, entertainment, weeding cake toppers and the others. Buy custom bobbleheads uk at Whoopgift.co.uk.

the consideration of sports themed wedding cake toppers 

To start the special linking marriage, some individuals apply the personalized bobbleheads for their wedding cakes. The distinct sports themed arranging according to these bobbleheads can make the wedding moments more pleasurable. The client can select the diverse sorts of cake bobbleheads as per the choice and requirements. The most usual forms of cake toppers integrate the attractive and highly adorned bobbles of the bride and groom. Buy custom bobbleheads uk from Whoopgift.co.uk.


Differentiating between Polyemer Clay and PolyResin for custom bobbleheads online

It is known that China comes out as the widest factory around the world. China sells widely custom bobbleheads along with many other things all through the globe. Some bobblehead providers indicate that the custom bobbleheads are prepared in USA. However, the fact is that most bobblehead providers act as the middlemen. The factories are mostly based in China and the finest products come back to the middleman to sell to the consumers. Whoopgift.co.uk is one of the prominent bobblehead suppliers around the globe and it offers a wide array of bobbleheads including

  • bobbleheads uk
  • custom bobbleheads uk, and
  • personalized bobbleheads.


Bobbleheads are made of two diverse kinds of materials including PolyResin and Polymer Clay. It is better to analyze these two sorts of materials for making bobbleheads. Some bobbleheads are made of PolyResin. This material, PolyResin is well liked in the production of factory. It is a good selection as long as there is a big production that can produce one hundred pieces or more. When there is a production with PolyResin, the mold is highly sculpted in the factory and it is to compound the Resin compound to imitate thousands of the products. Finally, it is to apply the paint. The strength of PolyResin is desirable while applying in the production of these products. The final outcome is enduring.  Bobbleheads mostly in the market are prepared with PolyResin material.

considering Polymer Clay Bobblehead 

Polymer Clay comes out as a material and it could be applied to make the single pieces that the individual desired. Polymer Clay is sculptable material depended upon the Polymer Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). There are no materials of Clay, and it is known as Clay since its texture and working properties resembling those of mineral clay. Children, hobbyists, and artists apply Polymer Clay and this one is available in the craft, hobby and art stores. Polymer Clay comes out as a highly sculptable material, workable; however, less costly. When there is the production of Polymer Clay, the final product is one hundred percent hand made. PolyResin comes out as a customizable material and it is very powerful. Conversely, it is costly. While looking for customized bobbleheads and one piece could be around $200. However, with Polymer Clay, the consumers are to have the identical customization other than the cost of strength of composition. The cost of Polymer Clay customized bobbleheads is around $100.Polymer Clay is to be sculpted with the finished products and its color is the Clay color. Hence the ultimate product is brighter, real 3D likeness and higher quality.

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